Welcome to the Save Our Schools Conference Day I: Highlights of the Keynote speech by Jonathan Kozol

It is an exciting time to be a public school teacher!  If you are at the SOS Conference come say “hi,” if you are tuning in from elsewhere, please comment on posts and ask questions I can relay to others here.

Rick Meyer opened the Save Our Schools Conference with this statement.  “We don’t need another book, we need activism.”  Meyer also noted that Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will be present at the SOS March on Saturday.

Jonathon Kozol (standing ovation welcome from audience):

“We are gathered here to say these laws (RttT, NCLB) need to be abolished”

“Savage Inequalities are worse today than they were twenty years ago.”

“Unabated and increasing racial segregation”

“If the people who designed [high-stakes testing], wanted to create a reign of terror, they’ve been successful.”

“In spite of the juggernaut of propaganda, there is a rising tide of activism among teachers and students in the US.”


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