About the Author

Adam Heenan is a teacher and education activist in Chicago.  He currently teaches US History and Civics at Curie Metropolitan High School where he is also the elected delegate to the Chicago Teachers Union.  Adam has previously taught at a south-side charter school, and in his hometown of Kankakee, IL.
In 2012 he was recognized as one of three Chicago Public Schools Service-Learning Teachers of the Year, and is currently a Mikva Challenge Action Civics Instructional Leader in Chicago Public Schools.    He is an active member of CORE: the Caucus Of Rank and file Educators.  In 2011 Adam started the UseYourTeacherVoice Project on YouTube.
He also blogs and tweets @Adam_Heenan on issues of teaching and learning in Chicago and nationwide, and in Sept. 2013 delivered a TEDXtalk on designing engaging curriculum (below).
In his free time, Adam reads comic books and rides motorcycles, but not simultaneously.
2012 Suzuki C50T, my other ride is my father's Honda CB750...needs work but pictures to come!

2012 Suzuki C50T, my other ride is my father’s Honda CB750…needs work but pictures to come!


5 responses to “About the Author

  1. Hello,
    I came across your post about longer school days and would love to republish it with full credit and a link back to your blog on http://www.TeachHUB.com. Let me know if that’s okay with you.


  2. Hey,
    Here’s the article.
    Let me know what you think. We’re planning on featuring it next week.

  3. Hello Great meeting you.
    here is the link to the Tri Nation Conference.


    I am a Vancouver secondary teacher, and member of the BCTF Executive Committee (2009-2011). Re-elected 2011 for a second two year term.
    Vancouver · http://is.gd/NnNg62

  4. Adam, great to meet you at Electoral Dysfunction and great to see you at the Mikva Challenge. Keep in touch!

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