Modeled after the It Get’s Better campaign, the goal of the UseYourTeacherVoice Project is to create a forum for educators, professors, and pre-service teachers to post 30-second videos about what they believe should be changed in education.

Topics are completely open, and un-edited.  They range from testing and curriculum, to parent engagement and unionism.  The UYTV Project takes no sides, except to get teachers in the classroom heard by the public-at-large.

Here are a couple submitted UYTV videos:

If you would like to submit a UYTV it is easy.

1)   Create a short digital video on your camera, computer, or phone on a edu-topic of your choice.

2)  Upload the video to YouTube with the tag: “UseYourTeacherVoice” or send  it to useyourteachervoice@gmail.com for uploading.

3)  Spread the word to other educators via Facebook, Twitter, email, and text.

 If you need ideas to get you started here are some

–          “In my classroom…”

–          “Good teaching/learning is…”

–          “I am really proud of my school/ students/colleagues when…

–          “What really irks me as a teacher is…”

–          “The best principal I ever had…”

–          “My Union…”

–           “In education today…”

–          “This teacher-message goes out to…


Gmail: useyourteachervoice@gmail.com

Facebook: Use Your Teacher Voice

Twitter: @UseYrTcherVoice

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/UseYourTeacherVoice


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